Monday, September 22, 2014

Our First Donors Choose Donation

Before school started, I created a Donors Choose project in anticipation of our Classroom Library.  Donors Choose is a website that allows teachers to propose projects and ask for funds from individuals and companies around the nation who are looking to make a difference.

For our proposal, I talked with teacher friends and librarians and browsed children's literature blogs (like Nerdy Book Club and Mrs. Ripp Reads) searching for recommendations of new, high-interest, and high-quality literature for sixth graders.  After all the research, I put together my ultimate wish-list of 50 new young adult books for sixth graders.  And the community answered.

This weekend, we received our first donation to our project, Making a Marvelous Classroom Library.  On Saturday, a McFarland Community Member donated $500 to our project, and now, we just have $285 dollars to go. We cannot thank her enough. The students are so excited!  We can't wait to get our hands on new and captivating books!

With the goal so close, we would appreciate your help. If you or your friends and family are interested in contributing to our classroom, any amount would make a huge difference.  You can contribute to our classroom by clicking here.

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