Friday, September 12, 2014

Camp Timber-Lee: On The Way Home

So we're officially on the way home from camp. It's been an amazing, terrific whirlwind, and I cannot believe it's over already!

Here's some highlights from the last 24 hours:

Geology:  Students traveled to the rock pit and studied rocks. We split rocks open, categorized them, and looked for fossils. My favorite part was seeing students so absorbed with what they could see in the rocks. 

Arts and Crafts: I led several more sessions of arts and crafts. I was so impressed with everything the students could do!

Night Sessions:  Last night, students had two more rotations. I supervised movie time (we watched A Bugs' Life) and game time (we played ping pong, carpet ball, fusball, etc.). 

Bonfire:  My favorite part of the night was the bonfire. We want songs, and the students performed the skits they've been working on for the past couple of days. It was great to see all the Sydney's taking risks, getting up in front of an audience, and sharing their ideas!

Morning Sessions: This morning, students braved the cold and traveled to two more rotations. I lead orienteering and arts and crafts, which I've alrwady blogged about, but students went to other sessions like animal encounters (they got to hold live animals like ferrets, chinchillas, and snakes!), leather, leaves, etc. 

Overall Reflections:  I love camp! My favorite part had been all of the bonding that's been taking place. Many students have already told me they've met new people and made new friends. For me, it was really fun to get to work with the other teachers and spend time with the staff, students, and parents outside the regular school day. Mr. Tarnutzer and Mr. Jondle both visited us at camp too!

I feel so lucky to be working with such amazing and supportive students, staff, and parents.  Thank you so much to everyone out there for all of you're help and support. Whether you came to camp or helped your student get ready...we couldn't have done it without you! 

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