Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Banner Day!

Gould's Galactopuses: Battling Bad Behavior and Getting Good Grades
On Friday, we had Banner Day.  Banner Day is a school wide-celebration to promote unity and positivity.  Students met with their ARRE Time groups in the morning to choose a team name and slogan and create a team banner.

Our students created the team name "Gould's Galactopuses."  They informed me that a Galactopuses is an octopus that is galactic.  As you can see, we filled our banner with space ships, octopuses, stars, and our photos of course!

After creating the banner, we went to the gym to share banners and participate in team cheers.  Finally, students headed outside for the Banner Day Olympics.

Take a look at some of the games we played below:

Skittle Pass!
Pass the skittles using only spoons into a cup at the end.

Chicken Run.
Put the foam under your arms and see how many you can get in the bucket.

Hula Hoop Pass.
Stand in a circle with arms linked.  See how many times you can pass the hula hoop around.

Leg Lock
Get the foam piece to the basked using only your legs.

Ball Bounce.
Get the ball to the bucket with a bounce.
Ball Pass
Lie in a circle and pass the ball using only your feet

We had a great day!  Thank you to everyone who provided treats! We appreciate it! :)

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