Thursday, September 11, 2014

Camp Timber-lee: Day One

The night is drawing to a close, and I cannot believe how much we fit in! We had six different activity sessions, skit practices, and large group time. My favorite part of the day has been seeing how much the students are growing and working together.

During the day, groups travel from activity to activity with their ARRE time groups. Teaches and Camp Timber-Lee staff run the activity sessions as the groups rotate through. This evening, I got a break from leading sessions and got to attend all three night sessions with my ARRE time, which was really special. 

Here's some highlights from the day:

Orienteering: Students used compasses to navigate an orienteering course.  They learned to read a compass and take bearings to travel in a specific direction. 

Pond Study: This afternoon, we braved the rain as we studied the pond.  After learning a little about the importance of ponds and their ecosystems, students used pond nets to scrap the top and bottom of the pond. We were amazed by the critters we found! Especially the leeches! You can see a couple leeches with cool patterns in the pictures above. 

Leather Making: After dinner, my ARRE time had the opportunity for leather making. We got to pound in the designs ourselves, and then choose the leather color. It was a great hands-on project!

Farm Animals:  We ended the night with a trip to the barn. After learning about the animals, we got to feed and pet them! Some of the animals we interacted with included goats, llamas, alpacas, a cow, pigs, and chickens. 

As you can see, it was an action-filled day. In the girls dorm, we are just winding down for lights out and some well-deserved rest. 

More updates to come soon! 

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