Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Timber-Lee Brochure

The first project you will have in Language Arts is to create a Timber-lee Brochure.  Your job is to choose three aspects of Timber-lee to write about.  You may choose to write about the sessions, the dorms, the campfire, walking around the grounds, or bonding with friends.  You may choose any three topics you want, as long as they relate to Timber-lee.

I want to invite you to be creative in the way you write.  You may write informative paragraphs, poems, narratives, or tell a story from a new point of view (perhaps talk about the art piece from the perspective of a flower you plucked from the ground and then assembled in your art piece).  I will provide examples of brochures from the past to show you.


-You must write about a minimum of three topics that relate to Timber-lee
-For one of the topics, you must write a standard paragraph including a topic sentence
-For the other two topics, you may choose the format with which you write (poem, song lyric, narrative, etc.)
-You may hand write/hand-draw the project or create it on a computer (we will not be able to access computers in class for this project...sorry!)
-You may include pictures, but this is not required

The final project will be due Tuesday, September 23rd.  We will work on the topic pieces one by one.  The first topic piece will be due Thursday, Sept 18th, the second, Friday, Sept 19th and the third Monday, Sept 22nd in order to help keep you on track!

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