Sunday, October 12, 2014

Standards-Based Grading for Daily Work

This weekend, I updated the grade book.  One of the biggest updates was the change in how I graded student daily work and assignments.  This year, student assignments will be graded using the standards-based grading rubric above.  Each assignment will be worth five points, and students will be graded upon how they demonstrate their knowledge on a scale from one to five.   As I use the students' daily work to inform my instruction, standards-based grading will help me assess how students are meeting learning objectives.  The scores will give me and the students important information on areas in which students are excelling and areas in which they need more support.

Ultimately, the standards-based grade will translate to a percent and letter grade, per the sixth-grade grading scale.  These letter-grades and percentages are listed in the last column.  Each daily work score is averaged in Infinite Campus to contribute to the students' overall daily work grade.  In English Language Arts, daily work accounts for 20% of students' final grades and in social studies, daily work accounts for 30% of students' final grades. 

NOTE: In accordance with the sixth-grade late-work policy, if students turn in assignments past the due date, the highest score they will be able to earn on a daily work assignment is a 3.5.

For all summative assessments (projects, tests, and quizzes) I will be using the traditional grading method.  For example, if a quiz is out of 12 points, the students' grade it will be entered in the grade book to be the number they got correct out of 12 points.

This week, we set up infinite campus on students' iPads, so they now have immediate access to their grades.  We activated grade book notifications, so students should receive an alert from Infinite Campus on their iPads anytime they are missing work.

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