Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mystery Skype 5/6- As Told In Pictures

Here's Mrs.Pinnigar, a teacher from the other class, introduces herself and the students.
Alyssa, one of the note-takers, writes down clues from the other class.

Callie and Anya, the inquirers, stand in front of the computer to ask the other class questions.  Christian, the answerer, stands by the side of the computer ready to answer their questions.  Ruby stands by the computer ready to blog.
The Think tank researches the other class's location.

Blake, one of the note-takers, writes down clues the other class tells us.

Blythe narrows down where the other class could be on our classroom map.

Richard, the supervisor, looks over the classroom making sure everyone is on task.
Alyssa recorded the questions we asked the other class.

One of the students from the other class speaks to us.

Callie asks the other class a question.
More research happening in the think tank.

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