Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our First Mystery Skype is Tomorrow!

Our first Mystery Skype is tomorrow, and the students are so excited!  Today and tomorrow, we will be spending time preparing for the call.  We will brainstorm questions to ask, assign roles, and get familiar with the resources we have in our room to help us.

Each class will be participating in a Mystery Skype, so overall, we will be connecting with two different classes tomorrow.  I've told the students that the classes we connect with could be from anywhere in the world.  Now, it's our job to figure it out!

Students will be live-blogging and live-tweeting from our classroom accounts during the call.  Watch for those posts!  I cannot wait to see what we will learn.

This will be our first connection with the classes we will work with for Global Read aloud.  After students learn where the other class is located, we will continue to connect with students from these classes via KidBlog and our classroom twitter account.

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  1. Ms. Gould,
    I need some help with the mystery. Please respond witha hint as soon as possible.