Thursday, October 2, 2014

Donors Choose Materials Arrive!!

On Tuesday afternoon, our Donor's Choose Materials arrived. Seven boxes of brand new books were delivered to our classroom, and I couldn't wait to show the students! We needed to sort all of our new books into our classroom library, which was the perfect opportunity to study genres!  

Yesterday, each table group got a box of books, and it was their job to look through the books and classify them by genre.  We spent some time at the beginning of class learning about genres and different types of genres.  Then, using sticky notes, students applied their knowledge to all our new books!

After we sorted through the books, student choose a book that looked really good to preview to the class.  So many students faces lit up when they found certain books.  It was amazing to see.  Some of my favorite phrases that I overheard from students yesterday were:

"I can't wait to check this out!"
"My friend read this and she said it was amazing!"
"Oh my gosh, I've been wanting to read this for forever!"
"I want first dibs on this one!"
"This book is awesome!"
"Can I take this right now?"

Today is the first day students can check out the new books.  I'm so excited to get the students reading all the new books! 

Thank you again to everyone who helped this project become possible.  We are so grateful for all the energy you've added to our classroom!

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