Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mystery Skype 3/4- As Told in Photos

We projected the other class on our SMARTBoard.  You can see them here! 

Evan and Kaitlynn were our question-askers.  Rache was answered their questions.  Right now, all three of them are facing my laptop, which is in the corner and connected with the SMARTBoard.

The "Think Tank" is busy at work trying to figure out what question to ask next to find where the other class is located.

Grace, our videographer, films the other class talking through the SMARTBoard.

More photos of the other class.

Emma, our official Tweeter, tweets from our Classroom Twitter Handle.

Patrick, our classroom blogger, writes about our 
More videoing by Grace.  The video will be out soon!

Here's a map we used to narrow down the other class's location.

Notes on the clues we're learning about the other class.

Will and Caleb in the think tank, using the iPad to research the other class's location.

Jacob and Robby research in the think tank.

Wren writes down clues from the other class.

The think tank and note takers work together to figure out the other classes location.
What we can see of the other class on our SMARTBoard.
Kaitlynn asks the other class a question (the laptop we are using to Skype is right in front of her)

Emma, Mackenzie, and Ms. Eli come over to the laptop to see the other class.

The think tank in action.

The think tank researching.
A shot of the whole set up.  You can see the students at the far end of the room around the laptop.
We get ready to say good-bye to the other class.

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