Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Warlords Wrap Up

Note: Sorry for the delay!  This post was originally from December, at the end of our warlords unit.

The Revolution

In Social Studies 9, students ended our Warlords unit with a non-violent protest, that resulted in a government coup.  A group of insurgents organized a demonstration, in which students surrounded Empress Lau and chanted, "Empress Lau must Go!"  Empress Lau was exiled to Mongolia.

Students wore robes to protest Empress Lau's Kimono, a symbol of her power.
The Tools of the Revolution:
 Students held bags of rice (Koku) in protest of the empire's unfair distribution of wealth and wore buttons that read "Empress Lau Must Go."
Unity Flag-
The different castles combined their colors to show they would not be pitted against one another.

After the coup, anarchy persisted for a short amount of time, but the rebels quickly organized and set up democratic elections.  Using this system, the rebels elected a president and cabinet members. 

The leaders of the Rebellion.  These students set up community meetings several days proceeding the overthrow to plan a strategy for dismantling Empress' Lau's regime and implementing a new government.

Students created posters and platforms to run for President.

The Elected President (right) and Vice President (left) of the new democracy.

The elected Cabinet Members.

The Shogun winners- These students kept their position as Shogun as figureheads in the new government.
The class under the new democracy.

Shogun Wrap Up

In Social Studies 10, we wrapped up our simulation by announcing the new Shogun.  Students celebrated with their castle groups.

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